Lab T.O.'s Beacon Scavenger Hunt Puzzle @ Maker Festival

We're turning Maker Festival into a game using beacons that your phone can detect.

Join us at the Maker Festival Weekend Extravaganza on July 8 and 9, 2017 at the Toronto Reference Library to get up and close with smart beacons!

This demonstration will be a fun introduction to Eddystone – the open-source Bluetooth proximity beacon technology that’s able to transmit data to nearby iOS and Android devices. There will be several small beacons at participating Maker Festival booths that will transmit data that can be used to solve a puzzle.

What are these beacons about anyways?

Beacons essentially add digital interactivity to physical environments. In other words, it’s another layer on top of ordinary ho-hum reality. In our demonstration, we’re using beacons for a game, but this technology could be used to provide an audio guide to museum exhibits or to give information about trees in an arboreum. Our booth will provide information and code for people who want to get started with beacon applications. This is a foundational technology behind the “Internet of Things” which promises to add intelligence and interactivity into our world. The possibilities are endless!

Find beacons!

Collect clues!

Solve the puzzle!

Learn about a new technology!


Follow our progress!

You won’t have to wait untli Maker Festival in July to find out about the cool stuff we’ve doing – we’ll be providing blog updates on the project and code snippits. And you can also follow Lab T.O. on Facebook for cool updates on our beacon project and whatever else is happening at Lab T.O.

What is Lab T.O.?

Lab T.O. is a co-working community in West Toronto! Lab T.O. is a place for remote workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers to enjoy fast internet and espresso, but it also provides a sense of community and amazing opportunities to learn and make connections that you simply wouldn’t by working from home or a coffee shop. Our work spans various industries and our backgrounds are very different, but we’ve able to collaborate and learn together on a daily basis. Each day brings new discoveries – and that’s a great reason to come to work each day.